How to book online
Questions about how to book an appointment?
The general schedule of the staff is provided above.       

· unsure who you want to book with?  Please see the "About Us" page to view our qualifications and determine who provides which services.  Once you know who you want to see, use the general schedule (above) to decide which day you would like to come in.

                Bookings with Steven Foley, RMT are now being done through a free online booking app called 10to8 

- email notifications will come to you from 10to8 Free - Foley's Massage Therapy

When you click the link (below) a new window will open up.

Choose the service you want, then click “SEE TIMES”

Choose a date that has some availability (click the arrow beside the date at the top to move to different weeks)

Choose a time that works for you.  If you need to suggest a slightly different time, 

for example, if you prefer 2:00 and the times offered are 1~2 and 2:15~3:15, then select 2:15 and add a note on the next step that you would prefer 2:00 instead.  

If that can be accommodated, the time can be adjusted at our end.


After choosing a time slot, you will be asked to enter your Name, Email and Mobile Phone number.


Then click “NEXT”

Then review your booking, and click “COMPLETE BOOKING”

You will then receive email confirmation of your appointment.  Please click “CONFIRM” or “OK” in your email.

As always, you can call the office and leave a message to book an appointment!

(Please note:  Dietmar no longer accepts Online Bookings.  Dietmar prefers to handle all his bookings personally.  
You can book with Dietmar by calling him on his Direct Line Phone Number which you will find on the "Contact Us" page of this website.  Leave a message on his voicemail if he is busy with another client.)

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